Church Council

The Church Council is the governing body of Lord of Love. This body provides general direction for the programs of the congregation and makes decisions to support on-going operations of the congregation. Council Members serve for 2 years with one-half of the members elected by the congregation at a semi-annual meeting each November. Church Council members are officially installed during a church service in early January of each year.  An a organizing retreat is held in January to help with plan overall council activities and focus for the coming year. The Church Council convenes monthly, usually at 7PM the 3rd Tuesday of the month, for official business meetings.

2018 Lord of Love Church Council

Vision and Coordination:
Brian Lund, President; Don Rowen, Vice-President;
Kathy Christiansen, Secretary; Jackie Combes, Treasurer
Nurture: Chris Rich, Joan Witt
Outreach: Paula Foster, Jesse Brewer
Resources: Paul Christenson, Brandon Zalesky
Worship: Heather Hansen, Rex Quadhamer

Lay Ministry Leaders

Youth Ministry: Heather Christensen
Women of Love: Jackie Combes
Men’s Ministry: Paul Christenson