Stewardship January 2018

During the epiphany season, we celebrate the manifestation of Christ being reveal to the world.
We learn about the light of God pushing its way into our dark human lives and how the prophets calls us to arise and do God’s work.
This epiphany we will be exploring how we individually are called to shine with the light of Christ to the entire world too.

Sunday, January 14, Baptism of Our Lord
Deacon Timothy Siburg, NE Synod Director of Stewardship, brings the message of the day and leads an education hour forum titled, “Called and Claimed for Life as a Steward”. This is a time for sharing questions and ideas about how our baptismal calling and identity as children of God connects to our vocations and lives as stewards.

Spiritual Gifts Survey
Each member is invited to take an online Spiritual Gifts survey to help you think about what gifts God has given to you.
The survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes to take.
To take the survey go to:
This is NOT a test or assessment of your level of faith or to evaluate how good a Christian you may be.
It IS an opportunity for self-reflection and awareness about what the Spirit might be up to in your life.
It will reflect the areas of service you already do and ways that you may utilize the gifts you have been given.

Sunday, January 21, Stewardship Sunday
During worship we will celebrate our faith, life, and mission together in Christ.
You will also be asked to complete your Intent of Giving card.
You will see the many service activities at Lord of Love and you can connect with any of them during a Ministry Fair.
You will have the opportunity to complete a Time and Talent sheet.
Complete the Time and Talent sheet at home and bring to church on Sunday.
Time and Talent sheet is available here:
You will be asked to register your top three Spiritual Gifts (from the survey) on poster boards (via stars).
The time and talent and top Spiritual Gifts will be cataloged and provided to our various committees to help connect you with the ministry opportunities that fit with your gifts and interests.

What do you need to do?
Come, listen, learn, participate, and let Christ’s light shine through your many gifts.
Be sure to complete the Spiritual Gifts survey before January 21 and bring the results with you to worship that day.