Worship Reservation

Beginning with worship on June 27, 2021, NO Worship Registration is required.

Because of ongoing positive changes in containing the spread of Covid-19 in our area, effective Sunday, June 27 we are moving to Stage 2 of our return to normal strategy.  The strategy continues to reflect our care and concern for those who are not yet eligible for vaccination.  Review the updated strategy for returning to normal.
Stage 2 – Key changes for Worship (refer to strategy document for more information):
 – Attendees are responsible for their own distancing; last rows reserved for those wishing to distance
 – Masks continue to be required which enables us to sing all parts of the liturgy and hymns
 – Worship registration is no longer required.

The information below is retained in the event that we need to revert to limited seating which requires worship registration. NO Worship Registration is required at this time.

When worship registration is necessary for all in-person worship, we:
– limit in-person attendance to ensure physical distancing in the worship space
– require mask wearing, physical distancing, hand sanitizing, and other appropriate measures
– track attendance to support contact tracing in the event of potential virus exposure.
The worship registration information helps the ushers to prepare the sanctuary and seat all of those wishing to attend.
Please note that seating options become more limited the closer to the start of worship.
NOTICE – Worship services are live streamed and recorded. Persons attending worship may appear on the worship live stream and recording.

Registration tips:
– complete one registration per person
– complete at least 1 hour before the start of the service
– Need help? You can register by calling the church office by 10AM on Friday
– register later in the week to ensure you have no illness symptoms and will be attending
If you experience any symptoms of illness, please refrain from attending the in-person service.
We are constrained on how many can be safely seated in the sanctuary.
Every effort is made to allow those not pre-registering to attend.
You can also open the reservation form page directly.

Worship Service Reservation Listing
Since we don’t ask for an email address, we are unable to send you a confirmation of your worship registration.
NOTEThe reservation listing will take 5-10 minutes to reflect any recent registrations.
The list of attendees will reflect only one entry for each entered name (duplicate entered names are filtered out).