Worship Servant Sign-up

At Lord of Love we engage in liturgical worship. The word Liturgy comes from a Greek word meaning “work of the people”. We believe worship to be a gathering of God’s people where we encounter God’s word, share a meal at the Lord’s table, and are sent into the world. Worship engages those gathered in sharing the Word and praising God through litany, prayer, and singing.

The participation of people in support of worship is also important. We refer to those actively participating in bringing each worship service to the people as worship servants. The roles of these servants include:
– liturgist/reader – assists the pastor in leading parts of the liturgy and reading the first and second lessons and Psalms
– communion servers – assists the pastor and liturgist in distributing wine and receiving the empty cups
– bell ringers – ring the bell to signal the beginning and ending of formal worship
– ushers – assist the congregation in preparing for worship, finding seating, and resetting the worship space
altar care – prepare the chancel area for worship including preparation of the communion elements
– greeters – welcome members and visitors to our building as they enter for worship
– others – many other people serve in worship as musicians, speakers, etc.

Sign-up to Serve

We invite anyone to sign-up to serve in the positions presented in our sign-up form.
Currently, sign-up it is limited to Communion Servers and Liturgist/Reader.

Sign-up tips:
– Complete on sign-up for for each person serving. This ensures we get the right number for each opportunity.
– please provide your full name (first and second)
– Sign-up at least 1 hour before the start of the service at which you will be serving
– Need help? You can sign-up by emailing or calling the church office by 10AM on Friday
– Signed up and now unable to serve? Please email or call the church office by 10AM on Friday before the service.
Sign-up below or open the Worship Servant Sign-up Form page directly.

Worship Servant Listing

The list below shows the current set of worship servants who have signed-up.
Since we don’t ask for an email address, review this list for when you are scheduled to serve.
NOTEThe Servant Sign-up Listing will take 5-10 minutes to reflect any recent registrations.