Virtual Music Project

Our Music Director, Jon Novak, is working on Virtual Choir pieces for the congregation. A Virtual Choir piece is audio and/or video recordings of individuals singing that are editted together into one video. The videos will be included in the Live Streaming of Worship services like those we have been doing since March, 2020.

Project Four – Holy and Mighty
This project is for the choir only. It’s a piece we have done before, so you should be somewhat familiar with it. Because there are some part splits, consider creating two recordings. Thanks for sharing your musical gifts.
Submissions are due to Jon Novak by January 20, 2021.
Notes for recording
Sheet music – print this music single sided and sing-a-long
Sing-a-long Track – Soprano
Sing-a-long Track – Alto
Sing-a-long Track – Tenor
Sing-a-long Track – Bass

Have any questions? Contact Jon Novak. Email: Phone: Use the phone number from the church directory

We Transfer provides an easy way to send your recorded music/video to Jon. Open up a browser on your device and go to We Transfer ( . If it is the first time using We Transfer on the device, agree to their use of cookies. Then type in your email address, Jon’s email (, an optional message, and attach your audio/video file. Next click the Send button. You will receive an email with a verification code that you use to respond to the We Transfer prompt. That will do it and your file is on the way to Jon.

Project Three – Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming
This project was for the choir only. Submissions were due December 27.
Supporting files have been removed since this project was completed.

Project Two – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Our second video project is “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. Everyone in the congregation is invited to participate as we all know the tune. Sing along with the recording on any part if you can read music or just the melody. We’ll do this just like when we go caroling. It’s about a 50 second clip and the final result will be an acappella video. Please deliver your vidoe (or audio-only) file to Jon Novak by Sunday, December 13. Feel free to submit more than one recording of different parts as the more parts help the overall chorus sound a lot.

Here is the information you need to participate in this Virtual Choir project. Review the instruction sheet, print the sheet music for your use, and listen to the Learning/Timing Audio track for your part.
“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
Virtual Choir Information / Instructions
Notes for recording
Sheet music – print this music and sing-a-long
Sing-a-long Track – listen to this music as you sing-a-long on your video
To make it easier to hear your part, Jon has provided these audio tracks.
Sing-a-long Track for Sopranos
Sing-a-long Track for Altos
Sing-a-long Track for Tenors
Sing-a-long Track for Basses

Project One – Psalmody: Let My Prayer Rise Up
Our first video was the Psalmody (Let My Prayer Rise Up) from the Holden Evening Prayer service. This is being used for our midweek Advent services that started on December 2. This project was completed as recordings were due by Wednesday, November 25 .

Here is everything you need to participate in the Psalmody Virtual Choir project. Review the instruction sheet, print the sheet music for your use, and listen to the Learning/Timing Audio track for your part.
Virtual Choir Information / Instructions
Sheet music for Let My Prayer Rise Up
Learning/Timing Track for Part 1 Singers
Learning/Timing Track for Part 2 Singers