Lord of Love connects with our community by opening its building to various neighborhood and city groups and organizations.  We are pleased that our building can be utilized for purposes that serve to strengthen our community.
Groups interested in scheduling our building for special events or meetings should contact the church office for additional details and identification of available dates.

Boy Scouts of America
Many of our male youth and adults have been involved in the scouting program.  The congregation is the sponsoring organization for both a cub scout pack and boy scout troop.  Key adult leadership roles have been held by our members, but non-members participate and are also great role models for our youth.
BSA Troop 565 – Weekly meetings are held on Thursday evenings with training and leadership meetings peridocially throughout the year.

Neighborhood Associations – Sunnyslope  and Roanoke

Methodist Hospital Community Counseling Program – A counselor utilizes our building for scheduled sessions each Tuesday and Thursday.  Counseling services are available to any individuals.

Support Groups – Various support groups utilize the building for regular meetings.  Refer to the Support Groups page for additional details.