Annually, Lord of Love accepts grant applications for local, regional, national, and international mission projects. The application period is mid-September thru the end of October. Please, submit requests only during our stated application period. Requests are evaluated and the awards are announced in November. Grant money is dispersed in December or January of each year.
NOTE: Applications coming directly from non-US entities are not accepted. This is because we lack the resources to fully verify and evaluate these requests. Applications for international mission projects submitted by US-based ELCA organizations received during the annual application period will be considered.

To apply for a grant:
1. Download our Endowment Grant Request Form. This is a fillable pdf form intended to make it easy to complete the grant application.

2. Complete the form providing as much information as possible to aid our evaluation of your request.  Include additional information that fully describes the project, who benefits, and how provided funds will be utilized.

3. Rename the application form document and any attachments to include the Name of the supported project or organization.  An organization specific name will make it easier for us to track all the relevant information of your grant application.
Example: EndowmentFundGrantRequest-MyProjectAndOrganization-yyyy.pdf

4. Email the documents to:  Please indicate “œEndowment Grant Application “ in the subject line.

Grant applications must be received by the end of October to be considered.
All submitted grant applications will be reviewed. Grant awards will be determined by the end of November.  Grant funds will be distributed in December or January.

Have questions about the grant application and award process?
Please email your questions to  Please indicate “Endowment Grant Question ” in the subject line.  We will try to respond in a timely manner.