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Give to support our ministries

Give to support our ministries

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In-Person Worship Every Sunday at 9am.
Worship services are live streamed or recorded and posted later.  
Persons attending worship may appear on the worship live stream and recording.
Everyone is invited to participate at our indoor worship.  if you’re still uncomfortable coming back, watch a recorded service from the past year (maybe one you missed).

Return to Normal Update!
We moved to Stage 2 on June 27 based on increased vaccination rates and positive changes in the spread of the virus. The strategy continues to reflect our care and concern for those who are not yet eligible for vaccination.  Review the updated strategy for returning to normal. Even with more recent increase in virus activity, we believe our current steps reduced risk and can allow us to continue to worship together. We continue to pray for all of those affected by covid and for conditions to allow us to move to more normal activities.
Stage 2 – Key changes for Worship (refer to strategy document for more information):
 – Attendees are responsible for their own distancing; last rows reserved for those wishing to distance
 – Masks continue to be required which enables us to sing all parts of the liturgy and hymns
 – Worship registration is not necessary
Stage 2 – Key changes for other in-person activities:
 – Wearing masks in the church building is encouraged, especially for larger groups
 – Groups must adopt the most restrictive mask wearing needs of the attendees.  If agreed, masking is not required in the group activity.
 – Kitchen facilities may be used.  Dishwasher is available for use (please turn on as soon as possible for it to heat up)
NOTE that our strategy will evolve and adapt as we continue to navigate through the changing conditions of this pandemic.  Requirements for mask wearing, physical distancing, and other measures are addressed in each stage.
We entered Stage 1 of our strategy on Sunday, May 30.
We entered Stage 2 of our strategy on Sunday, June 27.

Responding to Virus Conditions
The Member Care Team encourages you to seek reliable information and to consult with your personal trusted health care provider to help make your educated decision about receiving the COVID vaccine. Vaccination scheduling is fairly easy through the Douglas County community vaccination web site. Walk-in clinics are also available.

With the coronavirus Delta variant, transmission and vaccines continue to pose many questions for so many of us. It is important that we all make educated decisions related to COVID-19. One resource is this easy to follow video animation by Dr. James Lawler, UNMC infectious diseases expert about how coronaviruses and the vaccines work.

“Loads of Love” Laundry and Paper Goods Ministry
Latest event, our second event of 2021,  was Saturday, June 26, 2021
On June 19, 12 volunteers helped pack the bags containing a roll of paper towels, 4 rolls of toilet paper, a bottle of shampoo/conditioner, a bag of laundry pods, a tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, a bar of soap and a soap sack (a crocheted bag that doubles as a washcloth with a bar of soap inside; very thoughtfully made by Julie Concannon). We packed almost 200 bags in less than 40 minutes!
Distribution day (June 26) was overcast and drizzly at times but it did not deter the 19 volunteers who helped with distribution. The event was scheduled to begin at 9am, but once again, cars were lined up along the south driveway and into the neighborhood by 7am. When enough volunteers were onsite, distribution began around 8:30am. We distributed 196 bags and one pack of diapers (10-15 diapers, dependent on diaper size) and baby wipes to those young mothers who mentioned a need. The last distribution was complete by 10:15am.
The 196 bags helped meet the needs of 859 of our neighbors.

Saturday, March 6, event served over 600 in our community!
Saturday, March 6th was our first Loads of Love event of 2021. On February 20th, 14 volunteers packed 150 bags with laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste and toothbrushes, a soap sac, shampoo/conditioner and deodorant in preparation for the “main event.”  On March 6th our 17 volunteers distributed 153 bags within 45 minutes helping approximately 625 individuals! There were many more cars in line when we ran out of bags.
The need continues to be great in our community. Our next event will be in June.
This ministry could not be successful without the support of so many at Lord of Love. We thank everyone who has donated money, supplies, or time for this program. 

Rooted and Grounded in Love for 50 Years!
Lord of Love is kicking off a year-long celebration of our 50 years as a congregation on Sunday, June 13, 2021.  This will end with our 50th Year Anniversary worship celebration on Sunday, June 12, 2022.  Check out all the details of our anniversary offering, all-member volunteering/service, and more at the 50th Anniversary page.

Building Access Safety Guidelines during the time of Covid-19
We continue to be concerned for the safety and health of our staff, members, and guests due to recent increases in infection rates.  We ask that everyone entering the church building follow the posted guidelines in concern for them and others using the building.
By entering our facility, you assume the risk of potential exposure to the Covid-19 virus or other infectious diseases.

  • Assess your personal health and risk of infecting others before entering.  If you have any symptoms (temperature, cough, sore throat, loss of sense of taste) or may have been exposed to someone testing positive for COVID, please stay home.
  • Face Mask is encouraged at all times – The mask should fit properly and cover the nose and mouth.  If you forgot your mask, disposable masks are available at the door.
  • We encourage the use of hand sanitizer upon entering the building
  • Restrooms are available for use.
  • Please join us for recorded worship through streamed worship videos or by visiting the Lord of Love YouTube Channel.
  • An add-on was installed to our HVAC systems that service the sanctuary, office areas, and fellowship hall.  The add-on reduces airborne particulates (dust, dander, pollen, mold spores) and kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses. Though not completely eliminating any risk, the systems do help reduce the amount of virus  exposure that may occur in the serviced areas.

Tai Chi
Are you interested? Please contact the office. We’ll let you know when we the next classes can begin.  Weekly classes have been on hold during the pandemic.
Why try Tai Chi?
1. Learn to relax naturally.
2. Improve balance, flexibility and strength.
3. Increase focus and feeling of well-being.
4. Connect with friends, meet new people.

Monthly Book Club – 
MONTHLY BOOK CLUB continues to meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 1pm. Please refer to our weekly announcements or contact Jane Gehringer for more information and help getting the book of the month.

Men’s Bible Study 
These gatherings are being held virtually each Saturday morning.
Contact Dave Lueders to get the virtual meeting invite.
Lord of Love’s men’s group and Bible study meets each Saturday in the Fellowship Hall at 7 a.m.   Breakfast is followed by Christian study and fellowship until 8 a.m. Plenty of food and seating is always available. We invite all men to come join us for food fellowship.

Habitat for Humanity
Currently we are between build activities.
The Evangelical Labor Force (ELF) Coalition will be back in 2021 to rehab one or more homes!  Feel free to sign up for any work day.  Use your skills, time, and talents to help others get into an affordable home.
Advance Registration is required of all workers.
See the Habitat page for the registration link and more information

Endowment Fund Grants
The Lord of Love Endowment Fund provides an ongoing source of funding for Mission related projects.
Funds are distributed annually at the end of the calendar year to local, regional, and global mission projects based on a Grant Request application process.
After a review of the requests received this year, the following grants for a total of $5,100 were awarded:
$500 – Faith Partners Substance Abuse – This is a new program designed to help congregations deal with substance abuse.
$500 – Followers of Christ Prison Ministries – Followers of Christ is a worshiping community established within the walls of the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln.
Machame Lutheran Hospital
• $1,000 – Scholarship Fund – This fund provides scholarships for nursing students in Tanzania.
• $300 – Poor Persons Orthopedic fund – This fund provides funds for individuals that cannot pay for their surgery.
• $250 – DeWalt rechargeable drill – A much-needed tool for the hospital.
$500 – Lutheran Campus Ministry – This grant provides ministry to college-aged students in the Omaha area.
$500 – Lutheran Service Corps – This grant provides support for five full time volunteers for a year of service in the Omaha area.
$400 – ESL Students – This grant provides snacks for ESL students in their after-school classes.
$1,150 – Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries – This grant to NLOM provides support for camp counselors at Camp Carol Joy Holling.
See the Endowment Fund page for more details.

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Prayer allows us to have conversation with God and to feel God’s presence surround us.
Prayer gives us moments in our day to share with God our praise, our frustrations, and our concerns. Frequent prayer helps us to keep connected with God as the focus of our lives. The prayer chain at Lord of Love is a service to all of our members. Please contact Mary Lou (402-493-2946) with your prayer requests or to become a member of the prayer chain.

The Love Letter is available online!
Our congregation newsletter, the Love Letter, is published at the beginning of each month. This newsletter enables you to stay informed on the ministries, programs, and activities of our congregation.
See the News and Events section of our site for each monthly issue.

Saved Through Faith
Martin Luther struggled with the church’s teaching that he earned his forgiveness of sin and justification before God through his works as a monk. Instead, he found a greater and deeper understanding that God’s grace is what justifies us. In celebration and response to the gift of grace, God invites us to live lives of love and perform acts of service.

GivePlus+ and Simply Giving 
These are two easy and simple ways to set-up and manage your one-time or  recurring financial contributions to Lord of Love.
Check out electronic giving the GivePlus+ smartphone app.
It is easy to set up your account, make one-time gifts, or set-up a recurring giving schedule.
For Simply Giving, complete the authorization form and return it to the church office.
Thank you for your generosity and ongoing financial support of the ministries of Lord of Love!

The ELCA Mission Investment Fund provides investment opportunities to ELCA members,  congregations, and ministries.  The fund, in turn, provides loans and supporting services to congregations and ELCA-supporting ministries that help further the work of the church.  For more information, visit the Mission Investment Fund’s web site at Click on Mission Investment Fund link at the bottom of the page. Or call 877.886.3522 and request a packet of with information about MIF investments.

Outreach to our immediate community and beyond
Your financial gifts through special offerings help supplement our normal mission involvement.
The Deacon’s Fund helps with additional, short-term local needs.
Please submit your offering using a Deacon Fund offering envelope that you can find in the Narthex.
Donation of time and monetary gifts also help with a number of programs of the Nebraska Synod’s Mission Field Nebraska ministry.

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