Worship Every Sunday at 9AM

See our Worship Videos page to watch the streamed worship service.

Everyone is invited to participate in worship. Worship services are in-person and either live streamed or recorded and posted later the same day.
Uncomfortable attending worship in-person? See our Worship videos page to watch our streamed worship services.
Nursery assistance is now available every Sunday.

Lent 2024 – begins with ASH Wednesday – February 14

Ash Wednesday is a solemn reminder of human mortality and the need for reconciliation with God. It marks the beginning of our penitential journey of Lent.
Join us as we begin this Lenten season.
From 5:30-6:30pm our youth are hosting the supper for a free-will offering.
At 7pm is our Ash Wednesday worship service with communion and the imposition of ashes.

Each Wednesday of Lent (February 14 thru March 20) we will focus on one object through which God’s presence is being made known to us in scripture and daily life; bread, the cross, coins, shoes, oil.
We plan to have Wednesday evening meals from 5:30-6:30pm and a 7pm worship service each week leading up to Holy Week.
See our Lenten Worship page for more details.

“Loads of Love” Laundry and Paper Goods Ministry

Our latest Loads of Love distribution event was Saturday November 4.
We served 189 families representing 916 individuals! Thanks to the 25 people who volunteered and all those who donated to make for another successful event. Please see our Loads of Love page for more information and to volunteer. 

February: Shampoo/Conditioner month. Bring any brand or type of shampoo/conditioner to church any Sunday in February. Bottles that have a combination of the shampoo and conditioner are easier for the participants to pack into their sack at distribution.
The Loads of Love donation box is in the narthex.
Or simply donate to Loads of Love and we’ll purchase the needed products for you. Just designate Loads of Love in the memo line of your check or select Loads of Love in the mobile giving app. Financial gifts in support of the Loads of Love  mission program are always appreciated. Thank you to all who generously give items or financial support of this much needed ministry!
January: Toothpaste month. Any brand or type of toothpaste.
December: Toilet Paper month.
November: Paper Towel month.
October: Diaper month. Diapers are always a very popular item. Sizes 4,5, and 6 are most requested.
September: Laundry Soap month.
August: Bar Soap month.
July: Shampoo/Conditioner month.  Any brand of shampoo, conditioner or shampoo/conditioner mix.
June: Deodorant month.  
Any brand of deodorant is accepted.
May: Toothbrush/Toothpaste month.  
Any brand of toothpaste is needed.
April: Toilet Paper month. 
 Please provide any brand of toilet paper.
March: Paper Towel month. Any brand of paper towels is needed.
February: Diaper month. Any brand of diapers (sizes 4 & 5 especially) are requested.
Note that you can give any of these items anytime throughout the year.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) will be held collaboratively at St. Timothy Lutheran Church on July 8th-11th (Mon.-Thurs.) for PreK-5th Grade. Family meals will be served from 5:15-6pm. The actual VBS programing will run from 6-8pm.
Please mark your calendars.
Information on how to volunteer and sign up will be coming your way in the spring.

Endowment Fund: Enhancing our Mission

Lord of Love began an endowment fund in 1988. The purpose is to provide a means for receiving financial gifts, large and small; and to enhance the mission of Lord of Love apart from Lord of Love’s general operating budget. Once the fund reached $50,000, interest on the principal has been used to award grants totaling over $60,000 the last 15 years. The principal fluctuates with the market and is invested in the ELCA Endowment Fund Pooled Trust. The current value is over $120,000, so we anticipate that we can award grants totaling $6000 this year.
Grant Applications are accepted annually from September 1 until October 31st. Anyone can apply for a grant on behalf of an organization. Individuals may also encourage folks within an organization to apply for a grant. Find out more on the Endowment Fund page. Brochures with detailed information are also available on the information shelf in the Narthex.

Women’s Gather Bible Studies

Gather Bible Studies are held monthly during the school year. You can check out the bible study materials using the church’s copy of the Gather Magazine. This is available on the round library table just outside the church office.
Monday Studies are held the first Monday at 6PM at Rose Robert’s.
Wednesday Studies are the first Wednesday at 5:30PM at Lord of Love.

The Friday Coffee Zoom is in person at 9:30AM every Friday at the Scooters on 7772 Cass St. (same place as the old Crane Coffee).
Can’t make it? Don’t worry, we will still have a Zoom going so you can join in from home.

Tai Chi – Mondays and Thursdays at 9:30AM

Tai Chi is an art embracing the mind, body and spirit.
Joan Witt leads the Tai Chi classes on Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 am in the fellowship hall.
The 45-minute classes include slow, gentle movements, deep breathing and meditation while sitting on chairs and/or standing. There are no pre or post assessments. Anyone can join anytime.
Questions? Please contact Joan Witt.

Monthly Book Club

MONTHLY BOOK CLUB meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 1PM.
ALL are welcome to attend. Bring a friend.
The book for February is “Horse” by Geraldine Brooks. This book will be discussed on February 27 at 1PM at Lord of Love. Books can be checked out in church office. Contact Jane Gehringer for more information. 

Men’s Bible Study – Saturdays – 7AM

Lord of Love’s men’s group and Bible study meets each Saturday in the Fellowship Hall at 7AM.
Breakfast is followed by Christian study and fellowship until 8AM. Plenty of food and seating is always available. We invite all men to come join us for food, study, and fellowship.

Stewardship Ministry Moments

Read the perspectives of our members about Lord of Love and our ministry together on the Ministry Moments page of our website.

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Prayer allows us to have conversation with God and to feel God’s presence surround us.
Prayer gives us moments in our day to share with God our praise, our frustrations, and our concerns. Frequent prayer helps us to keep connected with God as the focus of our lives. The prayer chain at Lord of Love is a service to all of our members. Please contact Mary Lou (402-493-2946) with your prayer requests or to become a member of the prayer chain.

Saved Through Faith
Martin Luther struggled with the church’s teaching that he earned his forgiveness of sin and justification before God through his works as a monk. Instead, he found a greater and deeper understanding that God’s grace is what justifies us. In celebration and response to the gift of grace, God invites us to live lives of love and perform acts of service.

The ELCA Mission Investment Fund provides investment opportunities to ELCA members,  congregations, and ministries. The fund, in turn, provides loans and supporting services to congregations and ELCA-supporting ministries that help further the work of the church.  For more information, visit the Mission Investment Fund’s web site at ELCA.org. Click on Mission Investment Fund link at the bottom of the page. Or call 877.886.3522 and request a packet of with information about MIF investments.

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