Welcome to Lord of Love

Welcome to Lord of Love

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Grow in Faith

Grow in Faith

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Welcome to our Family of Faith

Welcome to our Family of Faith

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Worship Hours
8AM – Worship with Holy Communion
10:15AM – Faith Formation and Fellowship Hour
10:30AM – Worship with Holy Communion

Congregational Meeting, Sunday, Feb 16 – 11:30AM
A Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 16, immediately following the second service.  We will review the 2019 annual report, which includes year-end financials, and elect members for the Nominating and  Endowment Committees, and delegates for the NE Synod Assembly.
A fellowship meal will follow.  Fried/Baked Chicken will be provided. Please bring a side, salad, or dessert to complete the meal. Following the meal, we will use a fun game of Family Feud to find out congregation members answers to our questionnaire. Please be sure to fill out your questionnaire and help us learn more about our Lord of Love family!

Are You Interested in Serving Our Congregation?
Are you interested in serving on the Nominating or Endowment Committee or attending this year’s NE Synod Assembly? Or, do you know someone who would be a great fit for one of these roles? This year’s Synod Assembly is Thursday, May 28, 2020, at 1:00pm through Saturday, May 30, 2020, at 3:30pm at the Younes Center in Kearney. Registration, lodging, and transportation is covered by the congregation for our delegates. If interested, please contact Brian Lund or Pastor Becky. To nominate someone else, please discuss with this person prior to the annual meeting on February 16.

Fellowship, Inspiration, Story and Hope (FISH)
Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in FISH. We gather inter-generationally to share and grow our faith together.  This year we are offer FISH one time per month as part of the Sunday School Hour.
First Sunday of each Month – 9:15AM to 10:10AM
We move coffee and donuts to the fellowship hall to allow everyone to join in sharing and growing our faith together.
Nursery services will be available during the education hour for younger children, if needed.

Regular classes meet every Wednesday from 6PM to 7PM, beginning September 4 with Pastor Becky and Lynette Lueders.
Confirmation topics will also be covered during the Sunday Faith Formation time between 9:15AM and 10:10AM with Brian and Deb Lund.
Confirmation students participate in the FISH sessions each month as well.
This year the confirmation students are studying the Ten Commandments, Lords Prayer, Apostles’ Creed, Baptism, and Communion.
Third Wednesday of each Month
Meal from 5:15PM to 6:15PM and time for confirmands and their mentors to meet and help develop their personal and faith relationships.

“Loads of Love”
Loads of Love allows Lord of Love to help others by providing items not typically stocked in the area food pantries.  We collect laundry supplies, paper products, and other essential items to people in need within our local community.
Our Loads of Love distribution day was Saturday, November 2.
We served over 100 families!  Our goal was for each family to receive:
• Laundry basket, detergent
• Paper towels or toilet paper
• Diapers (limited sizes) or hygiene products (such as soap, deodorant, feminine products)
We continue to collect these items for our next distributed date:
– personal hygiene (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine products, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, etc.),
– paper products (diapers, paper towels, toilet paper)
– laundry supplies (laundry baskets, laundry soap) – Please select unscented items when possible.
Thanks to all who are being generous in our service to others in our community by contributing to this ministry.

Tai Chi is here!
Tai Chi for Balance classes are now being held at Lord of Love two times per week.  Wednesdays from 4:30PM to 5:30PM  and Saturday 9AM to 10AM.
Interested? Sign-up in the Narthex so they know you are planning to come.
Why try Tai Chi?
1. Learn to relax naturally.
2. Improve balance, flexibility and strength.
3. Increase focus and feeling of well-being.
4. Connect with friends, meet new people.

Monthly Book Club – 4th Tuesday 1PM
MONTHLY BOOK CLUB meets at 1PM on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Lord of Love.  Our plan, read and discuss books with the potential to inspire, give us hope,and live grace-filled lives.
We encourage you to bring your suggestions, short descriptions about books for us to consider, and a friend.
Please contact Jane Gehringer for more information and help getting the book of the month.

Men’s Bible Study every Saturday, 7AM
Lord of Love’s men’s group and Bible study meets each Saturday in the Fellowship Hall at 7 a.m.   Breakfast is followed by Christian study and fellowship until 8 a.m. Plenty of food and seating is always available. We invite all men to come join us for food fellowship.

Habitat for Humanity – Help Needed!
Currently we are between build activities.
The Evangelical Labor Force (ELF) Coalition will be back in 2020 to rehab one or more homes!  Feel free to sign up for any work day.  Use your skills, time, and talents to help others get into an affordable home.
Advance Registration is required of all workers.
See the Habitat page for the registration link and more information

Aged to Perfection, 2nd Wednesday of each month, noon
It’s not a luncheon just for retirees.  Anyone who can make it is welcome to attend. Please sign up in the Narthex each month so we know how many to cook for.
Luncheon dates for 2020:  January 8, February 12, March 11, April 8, May 13  (more dates to be identified later)
Please be sure to sign-up in the Narthex to aid in planning the meal.

Endowment Fund Grants
The Lord of Love Endowment Fund provides an ongoing source of funding for Mission related projects.
Funds are distributed annually at the end of the calendar year to local, regional, and global mission projects based on a Grant Request application process.
After a review of the requests received this year, the following grants for a total of $5,100 were awarded:
$500 – Faith Partners Substance Abuse – This is a new program designed to help congregations deal with substance abuse.
$500 – Followers of Christ Prison Ministries – Followers of Christ is a worshiping community established within the walls of the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln.
Machame Lutheran Hospital
• $1,000 – Scholarship Fund – This fund provides scholarships for nursing students in Tanzania.
• $300 – Poor Persons Orthopedic fund – This fund provides funds for individuals that cannot pay for their surgery.
• $250 – DeWalt rechargeable drill – A much-needed tool for the hospital.
$500 – Lutheran Campus Ministry – This grant provides ministry to college-aged students in the Omaha area.
$500 – Lutheran Service Corps – This grant provides support for five full time volunteers for a year of service in the Omaha area.
$400 – ESL Students – This grant provides snacks for ESL students in their after-school classes.
$1,150 – Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries – This grant to NLOM provides support for camp counselors at Camp Carol Joy Holling.
See the Endowment Fund page for more details.

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Prayer allows us to have conversation with God and to feel God’s presence surround us.
Prayer gives us moments in our day to share with God our praise, our frustrations, and our concerns. Frequent prayer helps us to keep connected with God as the focus of our lives. The prayer chain at Lord of Love is a service to all of our members. Please contact Mary Lou (402-493-2946) with your prayer requests or to become a member of the prayer chain.

The Love Letter is available online!
Our monthly congregation newsletter, the Love Letter, is published at the beginning of each month. This newsletter enables you to stay informed on the ministries, programs, and activities of our congregation.
See the News and Events section of our site for each monthly issue.

Saved Through Faith
Martin Luther struggled with the church’s teaching that he earned his forgiveness of sin and justification before God through his works as a monk. Instead, he found a greater and deeper understanding that God’s grace is what justifies us. In celebration and response to the gift of grace, God invites us to live lives of love and perform acts of service.

Giving Plus+ and Simply Giving 
These are two easy and simple ways to set-up and manage your one-time or  recurring financial contributions to Lord of Love.
Check out electronic giving the Giving Plus+ smartphone app.
It is easy to set up your account, make one-time gifts, or set-up a recurring giving schedule.
For Simply Giving, complete the authorization form and return it to the church office.
Thank you for your generosity and ongoing financial support of the ministries of Lord of Love!

The ELCA Mission Investment Fund provides investment opportunities to ELCA members,  congregations, and ministries.  The fund, in turn, provides loans and supporting services to congregations and ELCA-supporting ministries that help further the work of the church.  For more information, visit the Mission Investment Fund’s web site at ELCA.org. Click on Mission Investment Fund link at the bottom of the page. Or call 877.886.3522 and request a packet of with information about MIF investments.

Outreach to our immediate community and beyond
Your financial gifts through special offerings help supplement our normal mission involvement.
The Deacon’s Fund helps with additional, short-term local needs.
Please submit your offering using a Deacon Fund offering envelope that you can find in the Narthex.
Donation of time and monetary gifts also help with a number of programs of the Nebraska Synod’s Mission Field Nebraska ministry.

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