Fellowship – A state of being together; companionship; partnership; association.

We strive to be a family of believers at Lord of Love, providing friendship and support through the good times and struggles of our lives.

Congregation fellowship events include dinners, picnics, carnivals, hymn sings and pie fests.  When food is served you can bet there will be at least one hotdish and jello salad.

Sunday Coffee provides an opportunity to meet and greet others who worship at Lord of Love.  We gather in the Narthex (welcome area) and other locations and share in the events of the prior weeks, things we look forward to, and the pride we have in our kids, sports teams, etc.

Wednesday night suppers are held most weeks of the school year.  We gather to study, for meetings, or worship that will be held that evening.

Summer breakfasts offer a means of keeping connected with other members during the summer.  Volunteers host the meal so there is always a big variety in the meal.

Adult Christian Fellowship gives our adults of all ages an opportunity to get together outside of the church building to enjoy movies, concerts, games, and, of course, food.