Biblical stewardship is about time, talents, and treasures.

For 2021, the Lord of Love Stewardship Team selected the John 21:15-17 verses that includes “Feed My Sheep.”
We aspire to educate, inspire, encourage, and motivate each of us to grow in our relationship with God in “Feeding My Sheep” by emphasizing seven areas of stewardship as identified by the ELCA.:
Mind, body, spirit
Caring and Serving
Growing partnerships

Review these messages on the Seven Areas of Stewardship:

Deb Lund on “Giving”, the financial aspect of stewardship.

Heather Christensen on “Relationships and Connecting”

Joan Witt on “Mind, Body, and Spirit”

Deb Lund on “Caring and Serving”

Doug Aden on “Our Church Building”

Jeri Morgan on “Stewardship of Our Earth” – This was a video presentation on Pentecost Sunday, May 23. Jeri’s Earthkeeping video begins at 14:40.