The Walk to Jerusalem is an imaginary walk that encourages members of all ages to increase their physical activity, spiritual growth and cultural awareness through a virtual tour to Jerusalem.
All age groups are invited to participate in this walk.
Week 15 – We have arrived in Jerusalem! Walking along Jesus path during Holy Week.

Introduction and Tracking Information
Our projected route is across the country to New York City’s JFK Airport where we “board a plane” to cross the Atlantic Ocean to Morocco. From there we journey across northern Africa to Jerusalem.
The total trip from Lord of Love to Jerusalem as planned is approximately 3750 miles (not counting our flying miles). As with any long trip (and life), we may encounter some unexpected detours along the route!
Don’t be intimidated by the total mileage.
We are traveling as a group and all participant miles are aggregated and tracked weekly to help us reach our destination.
More information about this journey and ways to convert activities into miles is available in this document.  Just click on this link.  Feel free to download and print if you wish.
Weekly Updates
Total  miles traveled: 8407
Week #1 Overview and Travelogue
Week #2 Update and Travelogue –
Weekly miles: 782
Week #3 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 826
Week #4 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 1024
Week #5 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 573
Week #6 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 616
Week #7 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 538
Week #8 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 497
Week #9 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 389
Week #10 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 579
Week #11 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 571
Week #12 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 521
Week #13 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 382
Week #14 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 504
Week #15 Update and Travelogue – Weekly miles: 468
Final Week Wrap-up  – Weekly miles: 200
We hope the Walk to Jerusalem has been meaningful to you.
Thanks for participating.
If you would be interested in a Walk to Bethlehem later this year, please talk to one of the members of the Member Care Team.

Weekly Devotions
Our journey includes 15 weeks of devotions.
Each devotion is meant to be read as you start your week with questions to ponder as you exercise your body, mind, or spirit.
The devotions can be downloaded and printed if you wish.  Just click on this link.

Tracking Mileage
You are asked to track and report your mileage weekly.
Use the Weekly Tally Sheet to help you and other family members track their mileage each day and accumulate for the week.
Submit your mileage weekly through this on-line form.
If necessary, you may return a Weekly Tally Sheet each Sunday morning in the designated basket in the Narthex.

It’s not just about walking. You have these other ways to accumulate mileage.
One Mile is equivalent to:
“¢ 20 minutes of active household chores
Examples: vacuuming, yard work, washing dishes, laundry, preparing meals, cleaning bathrooms, etc.
You can combine 5 or 10 minute segments of these activities to contribute to the total.
“¢ 15 minutes of devotion, prayer and Bible reading
“¢ 20 minutes of any physical indoor or outdoor activity
Examples: swimming, playing soccer, playing basketball, exercise class, etc.
“¢ Attendance at  Sunday Services or a mid-week Lenten service
NOTE: Lenten services begin March 13
“¢ 20 minutes of community service with a recognized non-profit group
Lord of Love is a recognized non-profit group
Attendance at a meeting at church
Examples: bible study, council meeting, ministry team meeting, etc.

Two Miles is equivalent to:
“¢ Attendance at Ash Wednesday service on March 6
“¢ Serving as a Sunday school teacher
“¢ Serving as a Youth group assistant
“¢ Helping clean-up after a church meal or Sunday coffee

Three Miles is equivalent to:
“¢ Preparing and serving a church meal, a Lenten supper, or a FISH meal.

Have a question or some constructive feedback?
Please contact the Member Care Team at