Worship services at 8AM and 10:30AM
Holy Communion is celebrated at each service. All are welcome!
Christian Education each Sunday from 9:15 to 10:15AM

Wednesday Night Activities
Join us for the following Wednesday night activities:
Confirmation:  6 to 7PM – begins September 9
    Growing in God’s grace to be able to live out our faith and affirm our baptism.
Luther Kids: 6 to 7PM – for Kindergarten thru 6th Grade – begins September 16
    Teachings, activities, crafts, and music in a multi-age environment that fosters learning and relationship-building.
High School Bible Study: 7 to 8:15PM – begins September 16
    A time of study and devotion covering various topics and diving into the Bible.

Habitat for Humanity
Lord of Love hosts the Habitat for Humanity build on Saturday, September 19.
Workers will be doing cleaning, trim work and painting. Show up any time after 8:30AM.
Volunteers are also needed to serve a meal at noon.
Our Habitat house is located at 4105 North 23rd Street.

Prayer allows us to have conversation with God and to feel God’s presence surround us.
Prayer gives us moments in our day to share with God our praise, our frustrations, and our concerns. Frequent prayer helps us to keep connected with God as the focus of our lives. The prayer chain at Lord of Love is a service to all of our members. Please contact Mary Lou (402-493-2946) with your prayer requests or to become a member of the prayer chain.

The Love Letter is available online!
Our monthly congregation newsletter, the Love Letter, is posted online at the beginning of each month and allows you to stay informed on the ministries, programs, and activities of our congregation.
See the link under the News and Events section of our site for each monthly issue.

Saved Through Faith
Martin Luther struggled with the church’s teaching that he earned his forgiveness of sin and justification before God through his works as a monk. Instead, he found a greater and deeper understanding that God’s grace is what justifies us. In celebration of and in response to the gift of grace, we are then called to live lives of love and perform acts of service.

Thrivent Simply Giving Program.  If you need a convenient way to make recurring contributions we encourage you to check out our electronic giving option through Thrivent. To set up a recurring giving schedule, please complete a paper authorization form and return it to the church office. Thank you for your generosity and ongoing financial support of the ministries of Lord of Love!
A paper form may be downloaded through this link: Thrivent Simply Giving Form

The ELCA Mission Investment Fund provides loans and supporting services to congregations and ELCA-supporting ministries while providing investment opportunities to ELCA members,  congregations, and ministries.  For more information, visit the Mission Investment Fund’s web site at ELCA.org and click on Mission Investment Fund at the bottom of the page or call 877.886.3522 and request a packet of with information about MIF investments.

 Outreach to our immediate community and beyond– Your financial gifts through special offerings help supplement our normal mission involvement.  Loose offering from the first Sunday of the month goes to the Deacon’s Fund and Together, Inc. to help local needs.
Donation of time and monetary gifts can help with a number of programs of the Nebraska Synod’s Mission Field Nebraska ministry.