Mega Sport Camp Adventure!
Show your Spirit.
Reach for the goal in basketball.
Encourage each other with cheer leading.  Push on towards the goal in soccer.
Brighten up with the Spirit Team (arts and crafts).  Cost is $10 per child (maximum of $25 for one family)

Monday, June 10 thru Friday, June 14 – family friendly dinner 5:30pm to 6pm; VBS program 6pm to 8pm
At 5:30pm, all families are invited to come for free-will family meal.
From 6-8pm, 4 yr. olds thru 5th graders participate in the Mega Sport Camp adventure. Younger kids will get a taste of everything, but 1st-5th graders get to mark preferences for their group time from these options: basketball, cheer leading, soccer, or Spirit Team (arts and crafts).

Please download and print the registration form (PDF or  WORD).
Fill out one registration form per family (use another form if more than 4 children).
Please turn in the completed form(s) and the registration fee to the church office prior to the event. This will help with planning.  Forms will be accepted, even on the last day.