In much of the church the season of Advent is known for haunting melodies, apocalyptic imaginations, longing for change, and a whole lot of waiting. But what if Advent is more about a demand, an immediate and urgent call for something different?

Using Scripture texts from Isaiah and the Gospels, this Advent series from Church Anew will frame Advent differently, calling people into a provocative posture of seeing Jesus here and now. Using the traditional texts, the Advent wreath, and the deep blue color scheme, we will also join the imagination of our people, who are singing carols in their cars and in the malls, who are giving more and sharing more. We will expect Jesus to be in our midst, consistently demand God’s presence, and trust the Holy Spirit in our call, “Why Wait?!”

Advent Sundays
Dec. 3rd 9am Advent 1 “Come Now” – Stay & help decorate the church after worship.
Dec. 10th 9am Advent 2 Worship, – Our Christmas Program!
10-11am “God’s Work. Our Hands” for Christmas
11am Chili lunch and followed by caroling to our members
Dec. 17 9am Advent 3 Worship, “Lament Now”
10-11am Fellowship/Education Hour
Dec 24th 9am Advent 4 Worship “Peace Now”

Christmas Eve Worship, Sunday, December 24
We gather for worship at 4:30PM and 11:00PM with prelude music beginning at 10:30PM.
These services will also be available on the Lord of Love YouTube channel.

Advent Wednesdays
Dec. 6th “Come Now”
5:30-6:45pm Soup Supper by the Church Council
7pm Holden Evening Prayer Service
Dec. 13 “Comfort Now”
5:30-6:45pm Soup Supper by Men’s Ministry
7pm Holden Evening Prayer Service
Dec. 20 “Peace Now”
5:30-16:45pm Soup Supper by Youth
7pm Holden Evening Prayer Service

Accompanying our Advent Series:
– a Spiritual Practice video posted to help you embrace God’s presence anew each week.
Week 1 at-home practice video
Week 2 at-home practice video
Week 3 at-home practice video
Week 4 at-home practice video
– a Word of the Day Devotional we will be sharing with you on social media, from a book called, “Ordinary Blessings for the Christmas Season: Prayers, Poems, and Meditations” by Meta Herrick Carlson. (A download for this interesting devotional will be available in our E-News Announcements.)

These services will also be streamed.
Check out the Lord of Love YouTube channel or our streaming page for these worship videos.

Advent and Christmas Special Offerings
Each season we provide opportunities to give in support of mission.
Our Advent and Christmas special offerings this year will be split 50/50 between Lutheran Family Services: Dana Village (Formerly Angel Share)  (which offers a destination of Hope and Community for Young Adults Aging out of Foster Care) and the ELCA Good Gifts (Gifts that share the love of Jesus with others in sustainable development programs of ELCA World Hunger).

While holidays are often filled with joy and merriment, sometimes that just isn’t how we feel, even when we really wish it was. Often this is due to losses and grief that we are carrying with us. And then, instead of preparing to have a Merry Christmas, a person can relate more to think of having a Blue Christmas. If this is you, you are not alone! A matter of fact, there are several places hosting a “Blue Christmas Service” meant to acknowledge these feeling and sentiments within one’s self. These services are often held on the longest (darkest) night of the year, Dec. 21st. Below are both options for attending such a service, followed by names of places and resources that you might wish to look up and explore more resources and groups that speak to these kinds of emotions. No matter what speaks to you, I hope and pray, that God’s coming to the world to live with us in the flesh, and his promise to be with us always, accompanies you through your darkness. –Pastor Becky <>< 

GRIEF SHARE includes FAQ & a listing of grief support groups with wide selection of times/places

THE COLLECTION OF HOPE: groups formed based on age & developmental level
 Grief’s Journey: for pre-teens, teens & adults 
HEALing Embrace: pregnancy & infant loss
Ted E. Bear Hollow: Children groups using play, music, art & reflective sharing
Family groups for ages 3 thru adult with a wide variety of art/craft activities such as fingerprint jewelry, memory bears from clothing, etc.
Administrative Office: 7811 Farnam Dr.
Evening & Weekend Programs: 8000 Chicago St. in Omaha – 402-502-2773

THE KIM FOUNDATION: non-profit to increase awareness around mental health & suicide prevention.  Has grief support groups for survivors of suicide.
402-8916911 –

*More resources are also available at the Faith Partners area in our Narthex.