Thankofferings ““ A Note from Churchwide Women of the ELCA

Thankofferings are a long-standing custom among Lutheran women. We give in thanksgiving for blessings received ““and we do receive so many blessings, don’t we? And we are so grateful. That’s why we give Thankofferings.

What do our Thankofferings support?

The founders of Women of the ELCA decided back in 1988 that Thankofferings are to support the ongoing ministries of the churchwide women’s organization. Our founders would be amazed to see what that covers these days!

Our ongoing ministries include our many online and printed communications channels (including this website), our justice and advocacy work, training and development for elected leaders throughout the women’s organization, our constant work in support of congregational and synodical women’s organizations, the administration of our grants and scholarship programs, all that goes into our triennial convention (the business meeting, that is), and so much more.

Women of the ELCA is a self-supportive organization, they do not receive funds from the ELCA.  Thankofferings do not fund the day-to-day operations of Women of the ELCA.  When Thankofferings are down, then our ongoing ministries suffer.

Did you know that Women of the ELCA used to employ ten fulltime staff members?  Effective fiscal year 2021, a new staffing model was announced.  Eight of the ten fulltime were moved to part-time.  At the end of August, three of those positions were ended, with more cuts expected.

Did you know in 2020 Women of the ELCA received 22 awards from two religion communicator organizations, including two Best in Class awards?  Thankofferings help with those online and printed communications.

Did you know Nebraska ranks in the top 50% for Human Trafficking Numbers with 3.18 cases per 100K population?  Thankofferings help with our work in justice and advocacy.  See the Nebraska Women of the ELCA newsletter for articles.

Women of the ELCA Churchwide and Nebraska thanks Women of Love, WELCA for your continued support Thankoffering.

If you have any questions, contact Rose Roberts, Ruth Manning, or Gwen Edwards.